October 9, 2018

Safety & Etiquette

Liss Cycling is a friendly club and as such we welcome all standards of cyclists to join us on our rides. Whilst appreciate that we will have riders of different standards, we do ask all riders to follow some basic rules when out on rides so as to keep every individual and the rest of the group safe and to ensure each ride is as enjoyable as possible.


  • All riders take part in club riding activities at their own risk.
  • Ensure you have 3rd party liability insurance. We recommend British Cycling Ride, Silver or Gold membership.
  • Ensure your bike is in roadworthy condition. Check tyres, brakes, gears, cleats etc. Ensure you have the necessary tools to fix any minor faults whilst out on the ride such as a puncture.
  • Bring appropriate clothing such as helmet, gloves and additional layers and waterproof gear in case the conditions change on the ride. Don’t always rely on the weather forecast.
  • Bring appropriate equipment such as lights and mobile phones.
  • Follow the Highway Code.
  • Ride predictably and smoothly with no sudden changes in pace or direction. Avoid hard braking.
  • Ride 2 abreast if the road allows and there is no traffic but move back to single file where necessary to allow vehicles to pass or where the road is narrow with blind corners and hill crests.
    Ensure you communicate to your fellow riders with commands such as:
    – “Car up”
    – “Car back”
    – “Slowing”
    – “Stopping”
    – “Hole” (also point out potholes and road hazards)
    – “Gravel”
    – “Clear” at a junction (please double check)
  • Pass along communication from both the back and front of the group so everybody is aware of any changes of hazards.
  • Always check behind you and signal your intention to move out of or into a line of riders.
  • Signal your intention to move out to avoid obstacles such as parked cars (usually by pointing your left hand to the right behind your back).
  • Signal an intention to slow or stop.
  • Point out potholes and other road hazards.
  • Don’t overlap wheels with the rider in front.
  • Allow space between riders on descents, especially when wet, has loose gravel or is narrow and twisting.
  • Remember you have a duty of care to all the riders in the group so don’t take unnecessary risks which could put other riders in danger.
  • In the event of adverse weather conditions club rides will be cancelled.
  • Keep an eye on the Strava and Facebook pages where any ride cancellations will be posted.


  • Know your limitations and choose an appropriate riding group.
  • Show respect and consideration to everyone else in the group.
  • Support the ride leader and comply with the instructions they give.
  • Ride at the speed set by the ride leader which has been publicised on the ride posting.
  • Show courtesy and respect for all other road users, giving way where necessary to vehicles, pedestrians and horses.
  • If you come across a horse and rider, it’s courteous to slow down and call out a warning to them if they haven’t seen you e.g. “Bikes behind,” as well as asking if it’s ok to come past.
  • Be aware of drivers stuck behind the group, be prepared to pull over on narrow roads to allow the car to pass.